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AIRSOFT GRENADE – Must have item

Collector’s item

Are you into Airsoft gaming? Do you like the feeling of being in a so-called war scenario, where you are the soldier and your friends are the enemies? It’s a very enjoyable activity, isn’t? Far from other games because in here you will experience being hit by pellet bullet from a replica gun called Airsoft gun or invading your opponent’s base if you are lucky enough to do it. If you are airsoft lovers then I suppose you love collecting different kinds of airsoft guns and tactical gears, right? We are actually the same because I, myself, love collecting each cool guns and gears of airsoft, it has become my hobby. Each gear has its own uniqueness and every time I get to join a new battle, I always buy a new gear before the battle begins, I really don’t why but it just gives me satisfaction and helps me to be prepared in the upcoming game. I almost have it all but just one thing is missing; I haven’t had an Airsoft Grenade yet.

Every airsoft player wishes to have an Airsoft Grenade since possessing one makes the airsoft battle a real war with all the exploding effects, it is as if like you are in an action movie taping where you are the leading star. It’s not that airsoft grenade is expensive; it’s just that I want to be sure that what I am buying is worth my money. Airsoft Grenade can easily be found anywhere but the problem is only few are selling airsoft grenade with a good quality. 


Where to buy an Airsoft Grenade?

I found this webpage earlier called Airsoft Atlanta and I was very glad that they too are selling airsoft grenades with popular brands attached such as Echo1, SHS, Mad Bull and Airsoft Innovations. I wasn’t convince at first but as I browsed their page further I found that they have a wide airsoft grenades selection and all are still available. It was awesome!

Airsoft Atlanta is the leading walk-in and online store selling airsoft guns, customized tactical gears and other accessories around the globe for 13 years now. On their page you can actually see updates of the latest airsoft equipment available in their store and their current available stocks on hand are:

  • Airsoft  Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade (Black)
  • PPS 120 Round Airsoft Grenade Shell
  • Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade (Orange)
  • 0.25g Elite Force Thunder B BBs (1150 count)
  • Airsoft  Innovations Tornado Timer Grenade (UN Blue)
  • Madbull M922A1 120-Round 6mm Grenade Shell
  • Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade (Black)
  • Hakkotsu Thunder B Beginner Package
  • Airsoft Innovations Distraction Device Burst Disc

There’s still more but it’s much better to see the device personally so you can have a better look at the product and decide whether to buy or not. They give their buyers assurance that all of their airsoft grenades are of high quality. As for me, I am satisfied and convinced with what I’ve seen on Airsoft Atlanta’s page. Since I am too far from their store in Atlanta, I grabbed the chance to place an order through their online shopping store earlier.

Based on the reviews I’ve read, Airsoft Atlanta has a quick delivery service, so I’m expecting to get my airsoft grenade anytime this week. I know and I can feel it that Airsoft Atlanta is trustworthy and worth my money.

Just a reminder for all airsoft players, these airsoft grenades are not created to harm others so avoid throwing it near your opponent because if you don’t terrible things might happen instead of having fun.

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