Airsoft Guns for Military simulation and recreation

Airsoft is a recreational activity in which the civilian participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with pellets launched via replica firearms. They are called Airsoft guns. Airsoft is carried out as an entertainment activity, military simulation used for military and police training and for enacting historical events



These guns are non-lethal replica firearms used in air-soft that fire plastic pellets by means of gas or electric or spring-driven pistons.Classic Army was the first gun manufacturer to begin offering full metal bodies with their production guns for Airsoft.

Based on the mechanism a pallet is driven Airsoft guns be broadly classified as

AEG Airsoft Guns:

AEG guns are Electric-powered guns that typically use a rechargeable battery or batteries to drive an electric motor, which in turn launches an internal piston/spring used to fire pellets.These guns also used for gaming purposes. Gun magazines are an important accessory for these guns. Some special kinds of AEG guns are

·         Classic army guns: Produced by the first manufacturer of guns for Airsoft purpose

·         AGM guns: Replica of guns used by Nazi Army.


Elite, A&K, AGM, APS, Classic Army, Cybergun, Echo1,G&G,H&K,JG,KWA,Lancer Tactical, Magpul, Tokyo Marui, VFC are the manufacturers of AEG guns.


Gas Airsoft Guns


These Gas Guns run on power from sources:  "Green Gas", Propane, or CO2 gases. Propane Adapters Green Gas small gas canisters and CO2 canisters are the powering sources. 100% pure silicone oil is to keep gas guns in perfect working condition. Nine-ball, Guarder and PDI are important accessories of these guns.


C&G, KSC, Tanaka, Marushin, Maruzen, WE-Tech, KJW, KWA, Tokyo Marui, and Western Arms are a few manufactures of Gas Airsoft guns

Airsoft Sniper Rifles


The sniper rifle is generally a bolt action gun that the user has to pull back for each shot. Unlike the spring rifles and the gas sniper rifle less force is required for sniper rifles. Accuracy and range are the desirable features of an Airsoft sniper rifle. Airsoft rifles can be categorized based on velocity as


·         400-500 fps

·         Less than 500 fps

·         500+fps


Spring Airsoft Pistols:

Spring-powered guns (often called "springers" or "spring guns") are single-shot devices that use potential energy stored in a spring to launch an airsoft pellet down the barrel of the gun. Pulling back the slide or bolt compresses the spring and makes the gun ready to fire.


UHC, PAIFA, Tiger, H&K, Cyber gun, WWI is a few manufactures of spring Airsoft pistols.


Spring Rifles, Shotguns


They mimic actual real shotguns with their suction action. Spring Airsoft rifles

Do not require batteries or gas and resemble real shotguns with the pumping action. These rifles have good longevity and boasts of great energy, velocity and perfection.TWL96 AWS base parts, VSR parts and APS2 parts are important accessories of spring rifles.

Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, Cyber gun, Double Eagle, Cyma, AGM, UTG are few of the manufacturers for spring rifles and shotguns.

The users of the Airsoft guns should use protective glasses as a safety measure for the eyes and mask as a safety measure. These guns should be kept out of children’s reach.

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